2021 After-School​

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The Math Program at All-Star Academy is designed to develop proficiency in math skills and concepts.


Students will have the opportunity to address areas of weakness while increasing areas that are already strengths. We emphasize self-motivation and independent thinking.

Each child learns and works at his/her own math level so initial assessments are used to help direct instruction and determine the appropriate math materials to be used. Our teacher’s provide one-on-one instruction as well as weekly small group lessons. We use Common Core state standard-based curriculum.


C1: This class is for students with zero or very limited Chinese experience. It focuses on the exposure of listening and speaking Mandarin Chinese in everyday settings. Students will develop their skills through songs, nursery rhymes and conversations. Pinyin and basic writing will be introduced.

C2: This class focuses on Pinyin, Chinese Character recognition, pronunciation and listening. Writing rules and stroke order will be introduced.

C3: This class will build on previous Chinese Character recognition skills as well as reading and writing skills. Students will learn basic sentence patterns and further develop their listening and speaking abilities.

C4: This class will teach sentence composition. The students will gain additional proficiency in writing, understanding and speaking Mandarin Chinese.

C5: This class will focus on grammar and sentence structure. Students will strive to form basic essays and will continue to build their vocabulary.

C6: This class will focus on significantly enhancing the students’ vocabulary and introduce advanced Chinese grammar. Students will be able to compose Chinese essays and short stories.


The Spanish class is on total immersion into Spanish through the development of practical skills for listening, reading, writing, speaking, spelling, pronunciation, comprehension, intonation, grammar, vocabulary, and communication.


Programs aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Planning of classes and routines in Spanish, through a work and study plan that includes interactive, enthusiastic and integrated activities to our Hispanic culture.



Students expand and enrich their linguistic skills in both verbal, written, listening and comprehension while developing their confidence to express themselves fluently in Spanish practicing with music, poems, dance, books, and more pedagogic activities.


level 1: The students learn about basic Spanish vocabulary, alphabet, colors, vowels, syllables, domestic animals, fruits, vegetables, body parts, part of house, numbers and more.


level 2:  

The students learn about intermedia Spanish vocabulary, alphabet, colors, vowels, syllables, domestic and forest animals, fruits, vegetables, body parts, part of the house, numbers, reading practices, memorization of poems and more.


level 3:  

The students learn about high intermedia Spanish vocabulary,  reading practices, memorization of poems, listening activities, conversation practices,  basic verbs and more.


level 4:  

The students learn about advance Spanish vocabulary,  reading practices, memorization of poems, listening activities, conversation practices,  regular and irregular verbs, conjugation, intonation, writing practices, description,  and more.


Our Computer Program is set to inspire students to become more “tech” savvy and computer literate. Students have the opportunity to explore Windows using school issued laptops which provide a number of modern applications.

Students will discover and practice:


  • Word Processing

  • Programming

  • Photo Editing

  • Animation

  • Spreadsheets

  • Databases

  • Operating Systems

  • Presentation Skills

  • Basic Computer Terms

All while enhancing their keyboarding and mouse skills!

Computer is a fun and interactive enrichment class for all grade levels. The approach is project based learning. During classes students complete activities such as publishing a magazine, creating a multimedia story board or developing a web site.


Art is a vital form of communication. Through exposure to the arts your child will begin to develop his or her unique set of skills, which will help them to creatively express themselves. This class is provided in a relaxing and fun atmosphere which is designed to nurture their inner soul, while raising their self-esteem.

The curriculum includes a wide variety of drawing, painting and craft projects that are specifically tailored to your child’s age and ability. The level of difficultly is stepped up as students progress, keeping them engaged and challenged. Our teacher’s offer continuous guidance and tips for enhancing their skills as an artist, while providing students with templates for ideas.

Students will work with many mediums such as colored pencils, markers, soft and oil pastel and paints. Students will also experiment with styles such as realism, surrealism, pointillism, abstract and more. Learn different terms such as complementary colors, value, tint, shade, depth, and perspective. While some of the projects are guided, each student works with his or her own vision and produces a unique finished piece using a step-by-step process.

Language Arts

Language Arts class at All-Star focuses on improving grammar, reading comprehension, and writing skills. Our instructor evaluate students’ abilities to create individualized curriculum that target specific reading and writing goals for each student. A recent successful integration with Wordly Wise further offers a path to accelerate vocabulary and reading comprehension. The differentiated instruction within its digital application provides engagement and support to meet the needs of today’s student population with different levels at after school. Better yet, teachers and parents are on the same page en route to track students' progress online. Please kindly sign it up through our parent portal.


We provide a hands-on learning atmosphere with our Science Enrichment. Our students become architects when creating a number of projects that relate to:


  • Earth Science

  • Chemical Science

  • Life Biology

  • Astronomy

  • Oceanography

  • Meteorology

  • Geology

  • Social Science

  • and Human Biology

Using formal sciences such as engineering, mathematics, logic, and physics, our young scientists will have a better understanding of how the world works. The classes are designed to project oriented, but students will also engage in stimulated discussion and group activities. Students are typically grouped by similar ages and ability levels and classes are structured to fit each group’s needs.

World Studies

Our World Studies class offers students a unique opportunity to learn about the world around them. Each week, students learn about the culture and traditions of other nations and participate in fun, hands on projects. This class is an engaging way to get students thinking about their world.


In Physical Education, kids get to move and play in our large gym while learning new games and sports with friends. Not only do students have the opportunity to use energy and have fun, but they also work on team building, sportsmanship, and problem-solving skills.

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