3rd & 4th-5th Grade Summer Camp

Full Day Camp 8:00 am - 3:30 pm                   $250/wk


Extended Day Camp 8:00 am - 6:30 pm           $280/wk​

Daily Optional Hot Lunch                                 $6/daily

*week 3 tuition is pro-rated for 3 days* 

Discount Code: 

Early Bird (good through 04/16): EB2019SC

Sibling & Early Bird (2nd and 3rd sibling only, good through 04/16): SEB2019SC


Sibling(2nd and 3rd sibling only): S2019SC 



For our Enrichment course, we group the students together based on grade and level. 

The courses are preset and offered to specific grades due to the level of learning required. 

Our staff will assist with heating up and preparing lunches and making sure they eat plenty of their food.

Please pack extra snacks, we only provide a small snack after 3 pm. As well as an extra pair of clothes, if there are any messes or accidents. 

Download Daily Schedule PDF

Optional Add-On Programs

Week 4 (7/9-7/13) CHESS 

Week 5 (7/16-7/20) Adel's Art

Week 6 (7/23-7/27) AM Coding for Kids

Week 8 (8/6-8/) AM Coding for Kids

Week 7 Session 2 (7/30-8/3) Robot City