Full Day Camps

Non-Registered Guest Fee $72/Day

Registered Member Fee $62/Day

Optional Hot Lunch $6/Day (offered select days only)

Daily Hours 8:00 am - 6:30 pm

New members must create an online account. Be sure to find the correct program on the shopping cart...

When school is out, All-Star is the place to be !

When PUSD has the day off or a week-long break, All-Star Academy is open any public guest from 8:00 am - 6:30 pm. We fill our days with field trip adventures around San Diego, PBL STEM and Art enrichments class, and fun activities on & off site. Some of the places we've been includes Wild Animal Safari Park, Get Air, Bowling, Hiking, Ice Skating, New Children's Museum, Birch Aquarium, Humane Society and much more...

We plan our days in coordination with PUSD school schedule so be sure to check us out during the dates you wish to attend.

Field Trips are prearranged so a 3-day cancellation notice is required for credit only for a future field trip camp. Any same day or same week cancellation results in forfeit of tuition.

Due to our varied schedule, we do not allow general visits on these days. Thanks!

Full-Day Camps Service Currently Unavailable 

Our number one priority at All-Star is the safety and health of our students and staff.

We did not come to this decision lightly, but due to the rising concerns from families and the community, we have decided as a team for precaution, to cancel our upcoming Full-Day Camps, Noetic Math Competition and our Summer Open House Event in April. We will monitor and assess the situation before we reschedule our Open House and Math Contest.

Field trip and Events

Tee off
water sport
let's roll 2
rock climbing
ready set go
coffee mugs
let it roll 3
sister's love
Oh Yeah
Lunch is served
scary you
water sport too
In the museum
Hitting it
Big bear
Writing All Star at beach sand
rock climbing 5
Hit off
On a frog 2
Turtle watch 2
Unfinished work
Undersea world 3
Undersea world 2
Undersea world 4
Great fun at sand beach 2
Turtle watch
Turtle watch 3
At play grounfd
The map
Test 3D glasses
Undersea world
worked on the map
Talking Tree
let's roll
Shark mouth full
Playing with sand
Rattled Snake
PLay structure at beach
on a frog
Matching game
John's magic pizza
John's magic pizza 8
John's magic pizza 7
At beach
John's magic pizza 6
John's magic pizza 5
John's magic pizza 4
John's magic pizza 3
John's magic pizza 2
How does it work
Great fun at sand beach
Great fun at aquarium 2
Got stepped on
Game is about to start
Fun at beach
Evolution 5
Evolution 2
enjoy the meal
Done with Writing All Star at beach sand
Designing floor plan
Decorate my food 3
Decorate my food 5
Decorate my food
Decorate my food 4
cave 2
Decorate my food 2
Cave 3
A mammal
Fun exhibit
Ultimate fun part
Giant pendulum
How does this work
Flash back Friday #Boomers #asacademysd #edleaders #edu #deeperlearning #growthmindset #communityeng
Pull me out
Hands on activities are always interesting for our students
At the Reuben H Fleet Science Center _fleetscience #asacademysd #edleaders #edu #deeperlearning #gro
Love the ball pen
Time flies when your having fun! #asacademysd #edleaders #edu #deeperlearning #growthmindset #commun
Our older students have the opportunity to build model  spacecraft Rovers! #handsonlearning #asacade
The students making artifacts#asacademysd #edleaders #edu #deeperlearning #growthmindset #communitye
Student selfies!!!! #asacademysd #edleaders #edu #deeperlearning #growthmindset #communityengagement
Friday vs
At the Reuben H Fleet Science Center at Balboa Park in San Diego California #asacademysd #edleaders
Oliver's airport design at San Diego Air and Space Museum at Balboa Park
Thanksgiving Eve Project
Doing some investigating!!🕴_#carlsbadflowerfields
Our next Full Day Camp is Friday, November 10th!  Register on Parent Portal!  WWW.ALL-STARACADEMY
Speed is everything
San Diego Air and Space  Museum Day Camp #asacademy #edleaders #edu #deeperlearning #growthmindset #
Enjoying their last day of Spring Break!
Shout out to #carlsbadflowerfields for having us today!!_#learning#fun
plane 2