ONSITE Socially Distance Day Camps 2020

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We are happy to announce that All-Star will be reopening it’s doors to essential workers and those families in great need of our services. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, our official start date will be Tuesday, September 8th . This pandemic has caused great change in the lives of families, the way we operate and how we celebrate and build the community, so, just as we as a community have to adapt to new standards to slow the spread, All-Star Academy will do the same. Thus, we have created new programs that allows students and staff to enter into our program, keeping safety and social distancing in mind.


We want to update you on our new AM/PM/Full day camp program we will be offering, along with highlights of our new Covid Protocol and Procedures Document attached, which adheres to the CDC guidelines.


Here is an overview of our new program....!

Before SchoolAfter School, Full Day Camp


Complimentary School Drop Off and Pick Ups

This Program Will....

  • Drop off and Pick Up students to PUSD schools. Please see the school list in the Schedule, Program, Pricing document

  • Use 15 passengers van and 7 passengers van

  • One student will be seated on each row to keep 6 feet distance with others

Program Environment

This Program Will....

  • Do work Outdoors

    • a blocked off area in our parking lot, desks spaced out at a 6ft minimum (unless weather does not permit, please refer to Pandemic Procedures and Policies) 

  • Do work Indoors

  • Each student will be placed at a sanitized plexiglass divided desk in a space with Hepa filters and supervision they need to complete their work and tasks.


Program Safety

This Program Will....

  • Provide new socially distanced pick up & drop off procedures

  • Require campers to bring their own supplies (Supplies checklist detailed in doc) in order to prevent common surface touching

  • Require Masks at all times

  • Provide a hand sanitizing station coupled with required handwashing

  • Provide a health check system before entering the program(daily temperature etc)


Program Eligibility

 We have very limited space, this is open to serve families with great need. Our After-School Classes, events, optional courses and Full-Day Camps will not be available during this time. 

This Program Will

  • Be open for K-5 ONLY

  • Require a completed application, signed waiver and agreement to all policies and procedures which must be submitted and reviewed before enrollment.

  • Require a Zoom interview with parents and child/children before enrollment of new and non members to All-Star Academy.

  • We are starting with a maximum of 15 students per session and plan to gradually increase the number, if deemed safe. 

  • Grant session enrollment on a first come first serve basis. Waiting list will apply if we fill up both sessions.